Accurate process management procedure, excellent resource allocation and accredited and certified translators and interpreters guarantee the efficiency of each project


Strict translators and interpreters selection process and the large number of translators and interpreters in a wide range of fields guarantee the accurate communication of information to our clients.


Accurate resource allocation and efficient project management contribute to realizing a win-win cooperation with our clients.

Shenzhen Bridgealgap Translation Service Co., Ltd

Bridgealgap aims to bridge all your gaps with the rest of the world. High-end translators of various languages are accumulated through series of selections and help you realize smooth communication across countries and nations. We provide fast translation services into including the following:
English, German, Norwegian, Russian, Korean, Cambodian, French, Japanese, Mongolian, Portuguese, Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Spanish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Turkish, Polish, Thai, Swedish, Icelandic, Arabic, Hindi, Belgian, Greek, Filipino, Burmese, Malay, Uygur, Lao, Lithuanian, Finnish, Dutch, Nepali, Danish, Kazakh, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian, Georgian, Latvian, Latin, Albanian, Estonian, Tajik, Macedonian, etc.
Bridgealgap has a strong team of translators through years of accumulation and diligence and meets the translation requirements of a wide range of fields.
Bridgealgap guarantees a specialized team of highly qualified translators. Translators are selected through strict procedures and are mostly postgraduates from top ranking universities majoring in languages with rich experience. Our requirement for translators is to provide satisfying quality to clients in the fields that they expertise in. 
Quality is the foundation of the survival and development of a translation company
Our Team

We used to work in various fields and places, but the same dream brought us together through time

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    The earth is evaluated with its fertility and harvest. Ability is also earth, but what it produces is the truth...

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    Senior translators

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