Document Translation

Bridgealgap guarantees a specialized team of highly qualified translators. Translators are selected for their experience and vision and each translator has an average of 3-6 years of translating experience in certain fields. As a professional translation solution provider, we have numerous translators and proofreaders with the experience for over 10 years. We have rich resources of experienced translators in every field and we pride ourselves on quality which has been recognized widely among our clients. We are always ready and eager to provide best services to each client and make progress to guarantee high-end translation, 
Fields of Translation
Documents accumulated and created along with the development of human beings, a community, a company, and a society are countless. Bridgealgap classifies information into the following fields through constant study and summary to deliver perfect translation to clients: 
Electrical and Communications Engineering
Mobile communications, IT internet, mobile and web games, international sites, traffic and water conservancy engineering, electrical construction works, automation engineering, bid documents, product instructions engineering, installation manual engineering, industry engineering standard, equipment specification, qualification documents, project process engineering, housing construction drawings, highway reconstruction project, large project bidding, product instructions, catalogs, installation manuals, instructions, biding document, industry standards, technique standards, construction engineering, bridge engineering, civil engineering, road engineering, railway engineering, transportation engineering, petroleum engineering, decoration engineering, coating engineering machinery, mechanical engineering recruitment, railroading, bridge construction, mechanical seal, machinery maintenance, mechanical device, essays on engineering supervision, etc. 
Financial Trade
Market research report, R&D report, monitoring report, credit report, research report, analysis report, investment report, company auditing, financial report, financial affairs, financial products, sales manual, product specification, agency contract, joint venture contract, financing contract, product catalog, operation manual, economic and trade contract, business plan, merchandise plan, feasibility report, auditing report, annual statement, annual report, tax report, accounting services, market research, articles of association, agreement and contract, memorandum, company portfolio, press release, commercial contract, foreign trade contract, sales contract, enterprise purchase and sale contract, enterprise marketing contract, alliance contract, enterprise supplementary agreement, etc. 
Legal Contract
Lawyer’s letter, litigation files, legal instrument, laws and regulations, legal provision, terms, convention, judgment, official document, constitution, authentic act, legal and academic papers, legal periodicals, legal meeting abstract, legal academic paper, qualifications, qualification proof, articles of law, concession agreement, contract, administrative rule, legal consulting report, law, notice of adducing evidence, power of attorney, letter of guarantee, agreement, notarization materials, arbitration documents, charging document, court summons, response to suits, certification, receipt, etc. 
Humanities and Social Sciences
Biography, historical facts, event log, archives management, literature works, research report, philosophical ethical, military geography, customs of different cultures, etc.