Localization is the process of adapting a content for local use to meet the need of certain clients and to sit with the cultural background of certain places. The purpose of localization is to break the cultural barriers and attract more local users. So, localization is more about manner than form.
Industry Standard

In the localization process, Bridgealgap aims to cover all information accurately and logically clear, to follow the grammar, to avoid errors of letters, misuse of punctuation marks and spelling mistakes, and to avoid any possible discrimination against gender, age, race, job, religion, political conviction, party, nation, region, wealth standard or disability.
Service Content

Website Localization:

Website is the window of a company and the essential way for clients to get to know about the company and its products. Website localization is to adapt the text, web page, graphics and procedures to the language and cultural customs of the target country. A professional website localization service includes website text translation, website background program localization, website audio and video localization, website graphics localization and website design localization.
In website localization, Bridgealgap provides the design style and form of clients’ website and injects local characteristics into the content to make it localized;
Bridgealgap has its localization software engineers and translation team to provide customized translation and maintenance of clients’ software products in accordance with the characteristics of certain countries or languages. Localization is more than barely the translation of user interface, user manual and online help. A professional software localization includes translation, redesign, function adjustment and functional test.

Localization Example

Bridgealgap is extremely precise in its localization services and strictly follow the industrial and international codes to reach high standards and avoid misunderstandings.
For instance: in the translation of trademarks, all items in the trademark list shall be kept in English with no translation; Italics shall be changed into Song typeface after translation unless otherwise noted.

Geographical terms needs to be translated with great caution for they normally will relate to certain politics of the country. Such translations shall follow the Cntry&Area.xls provided by Software. As for the items not listed in the document, the translation of Chinese geographical names shall follow the Brochure of Administrative Divisions of the People’s Republic of China publishedby Sinomaps Press, and the translation of foreign geographical names shall follow Atlas of the World published by Sinomaps Press. Note: translators shall instantly inform project managers when 中华民国, TaiWan or Republic of China occurs in the original content. When the word “country” has the meaning of a “country”, it needs to be translated as the “country/region” wherever it appears. Taiwan, China needs to be translated as “中国台湾地区” (Taiwan of China). Politically sensitive words in the content may bring legal disputes to the clients. Therefore, this needs to be strictly followed.
Tools Applied

Software localization includes text translation, software editing, software testing and desktop publishing which requires the use of many software including operating system software, common software and special software. Using the right software can boost working efficiency and create a file in line with the industrial format.

Applications used by Bridgealgap include:
Translation tools: SDL trados, SDLX, SDL Passolo, Wordfast, Idiom, Clipboard/Excel/PowerPoint, TagEditor, ForeignDesk, WinAlign, Alchemhy Catalyst, S-Tagger for FrameMaker, RC-WinTrans

Desktop publishing software: Adobe Acobat, Advent 3B2, MS office, Epic Editor, Frame Maker, Quark Xpress, Frame Maker + SGML, Page Maker, InDesign, Dream Weaver

Graphics/Image editing software: Adobe Illustrator, Paint Brush, PhotoShopPaint, Shop Pro, FreeHand, Corel Draw
Editing software: HHW Trados, S-Tagger, HTML QA, HCW, Robo Help
Other assistant software: UltraEdite-doc, system, Notepad, Beyond compare
Localization is the core service of Bridgealgap that has its own professional localization team providing technical support and quality service. We aim to realize a win-win cooperation with our clients by offering a reasonable price.
A company needs to localize its product and service if it wants to set foot in the global market. Localization translation provided by Bridgealgap is a strategic choice for you to gain the target market.