Certificate Translation

When you intend to study abroad, travel abroad, enter into business relations or visit relatives, you may have the following confusions when the translation of certificates and stamps is needed:
1. Which translation company to choose to get a valid certificate translation?
2. Whether the translation company will be able to translate the type of certificate I’ve got?
3. Whether the translation company is professional and authorized? Whether the translation will be approved by the certification authority?
4. Whether the translation will be done within the time required?
5. Whether information in the certificate will be disclosed?
6. Whether the price is too high?
Bridgealgap is the perfect choice for you in consideration of the above-mentioned questions.
Bridgealgap will solve all your problems with its professional solutions, and its advantages are as follows:

Professional: Bridgealgap prides itself on its rich experience in the translation of certificates and licenses. Through years of experience, we have accumulated the terminology as well as the templates of all kinds of certificates. The certificates we’ve translated all meet the standards of the certification authority.

Range: Bridgealgap provides companies or individuals the translation service of licenses, certificates, credential and documents including notarization, international license, business license, identification card, visa application, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, property ownership certificate, residence record, resume, application for overseas study, power of attorney, academic certificate, diploma, professional certificate, transcript, credential, letter, invitation, application for admission, recommendation letter and materials for overseas study.

Authoritative: Certificates are authorized by related certification authorities, therefore the translation needs to be stamped to prove its authentication and validation more than the mere translation of content. As the appointed and authorized translation service agency, the stamp of Bridgealgap is recognized and approved by foreign affairs certifying authority such as notary office, embassy, civil affairs bureau, public security bureau, customs, inspection and quarantine department, court, etc.

Efficient: We have a specific project team in charge of the project of certificates, the process is: take the order--review--translate--proofread--edit--second review--stamp--deliver, with each process a specific person to work on. All we need from our clients is the original certificate, a scan version or a picture of it and the project team will carry out the whole process and send through the translated version in the same format to our clients with the highest efficiency. 

Confidential: We guarantee the confidentiality of all certificates of our clients. All working staff are highly qualified with excellent professional ethics and have signed confidentiality agreement with us. We would also sign a confidentiality agreement with our clients to clarify our duty on keeping business and personal confidential. We may also send translators over to work at our clients’ place in order to prevent any leak of information if required by the clients. 

Reasonable price: Offering a reasonable price to clients is one of our principles. We have a specific project team in charge of certificates and guarantee an efficient procedure. The templates of all kinds of materials also add efficiency to the whole procedure. Because of our professionalism and efficiency, our price is comparably lower than rivals in the industry while better service is guaranteed.