Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting, also known as SI, is the top of the translation pyramid. In simultaneous interpretation, the speak frequently speaks and the interpreter regularly delivers the speech into target language. Therefore, the requirements for simultaneous interpreters are the highest and they have to be prepared with expertise as well as rich experience. The most obvious characteristic of simultaneous interpretation is its high efficiency. The interpretation of the original content needs to be delivered in the target language within an average of 3-4 seconds and less than 10 seconds in order to ensure that the speaker could constantly speak and the audience could listen without any interruption. That’s why 95 percent of international conferences where the continuity and flow are of prime worth are using simultaneous interpreting. Simultaneous interpretation is also widely used in formal international conferences where technicality and profession are required.
We pride ourselves on the rich experiences of simultaneous interpretation that we’ve accumulated through hundreds of conferences and we are gradually making it as our major service. We have rich resources of simultaneous interpreters of English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish and more. We provide customized translation solutions to each client and allocate qualified interpreters to be in charge. We could also provide the host system, audio system, receiving and transmission system, video system as well as the transportation and arrangement of light units in order to realize coordinated process of services.

We are highly recommended and recognized by our clients that have worked with us in simultaneous conferences and we have the ability and confidence to provide excellent SI service to every client. We are striving for further improvement and perfection to provide more professional services on all dimensions.