Human Resource Dispatching

In labor contract, human resource dispatching is called Service Dispatching and is a type of human resource outsourcing and is a system commonly used in international enterprises, that is, an enterprise may assign all or part of their non-core work to a human resource service agency who will assign the work to certain staff who still belong to the agency. 
Service Content
1. Promotion and consultation on labor law, regulations and policies; 
2. Employment and talent introduction services, including receiving college graduates; 
3. Manage HR and administrative relations, personnel archives, archive materials collection, identification and organization; 
4. Recognition, evaluation and declaration of specialty technical qualifications; 
5. Settle the recruitment, layoff, contract and visa for dispatched staff; 
6. Pay salary, benefit and individual income tax for dispatched staff; 
7. Pay social insurance and medical insurance for dispatched staff and carry out compensation procedures; 
8. Settle the political examination, apply for certificate and provide materials based on archives for overseas dispatched staff; 
9. Assist in the dismissal, recommendation and reemployment of dispatched staff;
10. Other issues related to HR management. 
Our Strength
We call for global distribution of human resources and keep the balance between human resource (especially senior talents) supply and demand in enterprises. HR sharing is a two-way selection for both enterprises and talents and a more flexible way of working. It is good for talents to develop their ability, enjoy faster growth while more payment is guaranteed. The enterprise may have more competence in the industry, lower the cost of human resource, be efficient in HR management, avoid HR (labor) dispute and free from talent loss. Service dispatching is a huge trend that adapt to globalization and is the perfect solution for the possible legal boundaries in regional and international enterprises. It makes full use of the cost of human resources and maximizes the value of each individual.