Accurate process management procedure, excellent resource allocation and accredited and certified translators and interpreters guarantee the efficiency of each project


Strict translators and interpreters selection process and the large number of translators and interpreters in a wide range of fields guarantee the accurate communication of information to our clients.


Accurate resource allocation and efficient project management contribute to realizing a win-win cooperation with our clients.

Shenzhen Bridgealgap Translation Service Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Bridgealgap Translation Service Co., Ltd. is a professional language solution specialist approved by the government with the registered capital of RMB one million. Our services include translation, interpreting and human resource dispatching. We have accumulated extensive experience in meeting the specific requirements for producing high-quality translation with a wide range of services and resources. 
Bridgealgap was founded with the aim of providing high-end translation services to corporate clients with efficiency, quality and competitive prices and we are ready to provide services including translation, interpreting and human resource dispatching in the six official languages of the United Nations --- Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. With a solid foundation of numerous certified translators, we provide fast translation services into 72 languages including English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Hindi, Filipino, Vietnamese, Malay, Burmese, Dutch, Swedish, Thai, Greek, Hungarian, Danish, Kazakh, Kyrgyzstan, Lao, Latin, etc. 
Our Culture
We pride ourselves on reputation and creativity and aim to be the leader of the industry with our immense knowledge, professional working procedures, efficient management and creativity.
Our Concept
We follow the service concept of Excellent Quality and Clients First and provide exclusive service programs to different clients.
Our Aim
Bridgealgap aims to bridge all your gaps with the rest of the world by breaking language barriers and assisting you to open up global market.
Bridgealgap has gained the trust of many renowned companies and enterprises since its foundation with its strong ability, excellent service concept and strict quality assurance and has been recognized widely among clients with its supreme quality and services.
We have always been pursuing the expertise, practicability, accuracy and effectiveness of our translation services in order to proceed along with our clients. We aim to help clients to create higher value with our professional services in the principle of clients first and high quality.
Quality is the foundation of the survival and development of a translation company
Our Team

We used to work in various fields and places, but the same dream brought us together through time

  • Sandra


    Senior Reviser

    If you can dream it, you can do it

  • Eason


    Director of Translation

    The earth is evaluated with its fertility and harvest. Ability is also earth, but what it produces is the truth...

  • 高级翻译


    Senior translators

    Nothing external can have any power or control over you unless you permit it...

  • boss



    The skyline becomes the shore where the vast ocean extends to the distance, and I stand at the peak where the mountain wriggles up to the ridge...